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What a Great Idea

I am trying to figure out the layout of the Conch Republic Radio artist site. First of all, I would like to say thanks to Conch Republic Radio for doing such a great job in promoting Trop Rack artists. While we (the Parrot Island Band) are pretty small fish in the Trop Rock world, it is great to have another place to have our music heard and a place to connect with other Trop Rock fans. I am really impressed with the quality of work that Conch Republic Radio is doing… thanks guys.

OK, enough flattery 😉 (although well deserved)… if any Trop Rock listeners have any questions for me, or ideas for future blog posts… please let me know.  I hope this site grows and together we can all say that we we a part of making Trop Rock music a well recognized category of music… all for now- Trop Rock blessings to you all!


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