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Outdoor gigs

The Parrot Island Band loves to play “anywhere/anytime” but we seem to play outdoor gigs more than any other. This past Saturday¬† we played at the local country club pool for “Carribean Day”.¬† It was very hot but we were having a great day… until… the storm. It was one of those mid-afternoon storms that come out of nowhere here in Georgia. We were just able to get everything inside the nearby storage building before a downpoor (accompanied by lightening) came rolling through. While the rest of the gig was canceled, we survived a close one… and we lived to play another day… next on the calendar… anafternoon in Augusta, Georgia for Margaritaville night at the Augusta GreenJackets baseball game and another poolside 4th of July….¬† love those outside summertime gigs… hope everyone is having a great one…


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