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Brent Burns’ “Drill, Drill, Drill”!

“Drill, drill, drill, but don’t spill, spill, spill” is Brent Burns’  response to the BP oil spill.  Doing what he does best, Burns has made a scathing indictment of the oil giant in his song and music video, “Drill, Drill, Drill.”  Based on the Gulf of Mexico, Burns took the frustration and anger he and many Gulf Coast residents are feeling and put it to music.  “I had to do something and writing songs is what I do.  After I finished the song, it cried out for a video so we put one together and posted it on YouTube.”  The video can also be viewed directly on Burns’ website,  While on his site, Burns hopes people will download the song.  All proceeds from these sales will be donated to Gulf Coast wildlife rescue organizations.

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