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Key West-Popular singer-song writer Howard Livingston and TV Producer Craig Hollenback have been filming a pilot of an exciting new television series originating in the in the Florida Keys this summer.

Now the tropical lifestyle TV show, Key West Time starring Howard Livingston, has been picked up by the national R&R Television network, seen on DirecTV channel 354 plus on cable and over air broadcast.

Shot in wide screen high definition television, The Florida Keys and Key West’s vibrant colors come alive 5 times weekly on your TV screen. Key West Time takes you away from your everyday cares to share underwater treasure hunts, off-shore fishing excursions, cooking and dining plus entertainment by Trop Rock star Howard Livingston’s own original musical performances that are the soundtrack to the Florida Keys lifestyle.

Covering the 130 mile long Florida Keys from Key Largo, diving capital of the world, all the way down to Key West, with its beautiful architecture, history and open accepting attitude, the program explores the rich and varied culture of America’s only continental sub tropic vacation dreamland.

Key West Time is a unique Tropical Living Lifestyle show that has a wide appeal to both male and female viewers. It is a “cross over” program that carefully combines the excitement of outdoor Florida Keys adventure with history, culinary arts, travel, entertainment, and island living scenes.

Key West Time definitely has captured the pulse of the unique Florida Keys lifestyle… be it fishing the coastal waters, diving on the reef, searching for sunken treasure or relaxing to the original songs performed by Howard Livingston and guests.

The weekly show provides an escape for vacationers dreaming about planning their next vacation, securing travel information, and sampling the unique music and beauty of the Florida Keys. Those in the cold north will be reminded of the constant sunshine and fun taking part in the southernmost part of our country.

Viewers who have watched the pilot have written “I could listen to Howard and the band 24-7. It puts me in a better mood and makes me remember why I need to enjoy life. You only live once, and I wish I was always on Key West Time.”

Key West Time will debut nationally on Thursday November 4th at 9PM and will also air on Sundays at 7:30 PM and Tuesdays at 11 PM EST. Besides being available to the 19.6 million homes via Direct TV throughout North America, it will also be seen

on Untamed Sports TV, the premier channel for outdoor programming, via Comcast cable and Capital Broadcasting for a total of more than 33 million homes. Coming soon next year Cox Cable in Las Vegas and Miami will pick up the program raising the total number of household reached to 60 million.

The series is also archived and can be viewed full screen and on demand twenty four hours a day over the internet at along with printable travel tips, cooking/drinks recipes and more.

The program is produced jointly by Howard Livingston and Craig Hollenback of the Conch Republic Media Group. The staff of Key West Time is headquartered in the center of Old Town, Key West. Their management team, high definition film crew and marketing group are all locals who live and enjoy the Key West (known also as the Conch Republic) lifestyle every day.

Howard Livingston invites you to put watching this exciting new Tropical Lifestyle television show from the Florida Keys and Key West on your viewing schedule. If you miss a show you can easily enjoy it anytime streaming on



KEY WEST, Florida Keys – Building on the power of its Internet tourist television channel,, The Conch Republic Media Group recently created The internet radio site showcases Trop Rock musicians from Key West and the Florida Keys and nationally known artists, and lets the listener explore their tropical tunes one click at a time. The Conch Republic Media Group founders, Craig and Gail Hollenback, describe the platform as, “Feel good tropical music which people seem to want right now. It’s less talk, more squawk, non-stop Parrothead music.”

Musicians include Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band, Scott Kirby, Paul Cotton and scores more. A click on any of the colorful CD art displays a random selection of the musician’s music. Another click connects to the artist’s personal website where their CDs can be purchased. As an alternative, users can enjoy the auto play list that refreshes material each day. New artists are included on a daily basis to expand the mix, and fans are encouraged to request their favorite Trop Rock musicians. Visitors to the Internet radio channel are also entertained by artist interviews plus pop-up-profiles of the site’s sponsors delivered via Conch Republic Media’s HD video.

Craig and Gail Hollenback’s enthusiasm for Key West and the Florida Keys is clear in the amount of travel info they provide on Video content covers everything from hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, restaurants and attractions to fishing, boating, diving and eco-tours and even the arts, shopping and weddings. Each area of the Keys is featured, including Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, the Lower Keys and Key West.

What sets apart from other tourist websites is the site’s exciting and entertaining high definition video clips which are narrated by Florida Keys personalities. Panoramic 360 tours of popular dining and entertainment venues, events and attractions lure visitors from around the world to vacation in the islands of the Florida Keys. Unlike traditional static television travel channels, is interactive and supplies programming customizable to the viewer’s specific area of interest, at any time of the day or night, with a just a few clicks of the mouse.

The mission of The Conch Republic Media Group is to promote tourism and quality businesses in Key West and the Florida Keys.

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