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Mark Mulligan in BC, Canada

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Catch me for this open to the public show at the Masonic Lodge, 7:30PM. Reserve at, sugg. donation $12

4th of July in Christopher Creek, AZ

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Escape the heat and join me, Elsa and the kids in Arizona’s cool country! I’ll be singing 4-7PM at the Landmark at the Creek. , then July 5th 2-5PM   GREAT patio, bring your appetite and get ready to celebrate the 4th!

Mark Mulligan in New Mexico June 24

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

6PM Nicky V’s 9780 Coors Blvd NW 505 890-9463 No cover, get there early for a good seat

Mark Mulligan on the East Coast

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Kelly McGuire joins me in our 1st ever East Coast show, at the award-winning Conchy Joes in Lansdale. 6PM Meet and Greet, 7PM showtime! Just bring a beach chair, some munchies and beverage of choice, and enjoy a night of songs that will take you south to the lower latitudes! Advance tickets just $25 til April 30th, $35 at the door. Seating is limited, so to reserve your spot email debbie@

New CD

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

My new CD “Momentary Mutiny” is now available on my website

I’m NOT Growing Up (Even When I’m Gone)

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I was saddened to hear today of the death of one of the Atlanta Parrothead Club’s most loved members, Monte Tolar. From all of the posts and pictures on Facebook, it was obvious that he loved his family, friends , and his country (he served in the Navy).  It was also obvious by his friend’s posts ad pictures that he loved life and made the world a better place… sounds like the kind of guy I would have liked to have known.

In his song “Growing Older But Not Up”, Jimmy Buffett captures an attitude that many of us live by (and from what I can tell, Monte also embraced this philosophy). Not only is it OK to have fun as we grow older, but what would life be if we didn’t? Even Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10)  Although Monte’s life was sadly cut short by many years, from everything I can tell he really LIVED the life he was given (having fun AND giving himself freely to others).

While I wholeheartedly agree with the “growing older but not up” philosophy, I’m not sure it has to be an “either/or” choice. While given no other option, I know many would agree with MR. Buffett and would rather “die while they’re living, than live while they’re dead”.  While I will always be a big kid at heart, I also believe that we can have fun AND hope to live when we are dead (a whole other discussion on grace versus works ;-). As so many have sent their love to Monte and hope that he has “sailed on”, at times like this, don’t we find ourselves hoping and praying that all the fun we have had while here on earth is not all there is?

As a young boy, I remember watching the ships out on the ocean while standing on the sandy shores of VA Beach… they would at some point turn and head out over the horizon and then disappear. When I was young, I thought they were gone (the whole “flat earth thing”) but I later came to realize they were just “out of sight” (but still there).  Faith is hoping and trust that there is more to life than what we see and believing that there really is something to “sail on” towards (though we see or prove it from our limited vantage point).

My deepest condolences Monte’s family and friends, and here is to one who not only died too young while fully living, but has hopefully found something eternal beyond these finite shores.. blessings Monte, “sail on” in peace…

A Letter to Jimmy Buffett

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
(Have always wanted to thank Jimmy for his influence on my life, no clue how to get it to him personally… who knows- maybe he checks out facebook pages… someone suggested I send this to Key West Margaritaville… I did, no word 😉

Hey Jimmy,

You may or may not get this, but it’s time that I sat down a wrote it… Your music has had a great influence on me for over 30 years and I wanted to take a few moments and say thanks. I first discovered your music in the 70’s and I attended the concert in that you opened for the Eagles (Tidewater, VA). That same year, my parents got divorced (mom moved out and dad and I moved several times in the next few years) and I learned to play as many of your songs as I could… what a great escape from family stress your music provided! When I graduated from High School, I was such a fan(atic) that I was named “most likely to open for Jimmy Buffett” (still one of my fondest accolades).

At the same time, I also started attending church… kind of interesting that both you and that “other guy” celebrate your birthday on the same day 😉 I went to college, played in local bars and tried to figure out how I could best balance my faith and my fun (more often than not the fun side won out… in excess!) When I graduated from college (long story cut short here) I became a Presbyterian minister and drifted away from my parrothead roots (although I still bought and listened to all your new albums).

A few years ago I heard that Peter Mayer was playing a Christmas concert. I heard that he was a person who lived out his faith and still had fun (and was a Coral Reefer). I went to the concert and then went home and pulled out my guitar (another long story inserted here). I started a Buffett tribute band (with my wife and a few friends) and we have been having a wonderful time ever since (as both a pastor and a musician). We put together a CD of original songs, several which are being played on the radio. Although I haven’t “opened” for you “officially”, I have played numerous times at Cheeseburger in Paradise and at tailgating parties in Atlanta. People have said that I prove the saying “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood”. You helped me through some rough times and you keep inspiring me to have fun times (some find it odd that I am a pastor, others that I am a parrothead, I am thankful to have both influences in my life)… thanks!

“There’s a thin line between Sat. night and Sunday morning”,

Bry~ the Parrot Island Band

Tropstock Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
There is a great event taking place in Cocoa Beach, Florida the first week of Oct. (1-3)… the very first Tropstock ( The Parrot Island Band is currently scheduled to open the event on Friday at 1pm. While not playing near the “headliners”, it is pretty cool to be first up at the very first Tropstock. As years go by I can say that I opened for the likes of Peter Mayer and Nadirah Shakoor (Coral Reefers), in fact will have opened for everyone that plays over the weekend I imagine that as the years pass and my memory fades (wait, what was I talking about?), I will adjust the number of people that show up (“and we played for thousands!”:)…

One of the special features at this event will be Sunday morning Worship by the river, including several Coral Reefer Band members and several of the other event participants. I will be leading/moderating the worship service and I am even writing a worship song for the event… from the chorus, “River runs deep, river runs wide.. the Spirit moves down deep inside, Lord please use these gift of mine, and let your love flow through me”. I think God really does give each of us gifts and talents that we can use to encourage the world around us. Maybe our gift is music, but maybe words of encouragement. Some I know are great at serving others and others just “being there” and listening. Have you thought about your gift/talent and how it might be used to make the world a better place? I would love to hear how you are opening yourself up and letting God’s love flow through you…

Dennis McCaughey – July 2010 – Notes From the Band

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

July 2010

Well, in the midst of all the heat, humidity and summer adventures I find myself inside on a  rather cool rainy July afternoon, chillin. Thinking about where the summer has taken me and where it’s taking me.  Seems I always start these notes by remarking about how I can’t believe the summer, winter or spring has flown by. Again I’m feeling that way but I’m not going to say anything about it this time. Really! No, really!

Just coming off a great event called Summer in Paradise this past weekend, it makes me feel good to be part of something that is both a great musical experience, raises money for a good cause (Easter Seals) and involves Parrotheads in Amish Paradise, lots of friends, lots of laughs AND beer. Does it get any better?? Brent Burns’ first trip to our area was a treat. What a great writer and genuinely nice guy. Robbie and Lynley (The Calypso Nuts) just light up the night with tons of energy and talent. That’s only one of the events that we’ve been fortunate enough to play this year. Since last time, I did a 21 day Florida tour ending up at Margaritaville in Key West for six nights played locally in Harrisburg, York and Lancaster, traveled to the Jersey, Maryland and Delaware shores several times and next Thursday am off to Florida for twelve days including stops in Miami, The Navagator in Lake Suzy, “The Yard” in Tampa, Rapscallions in Land O Lakes and four days at the Hogs Breath in Key West.  If you’re in Florida check the gig dates page for more info.

It’s been almost three years since I fell off the corporate ladder, landed on my feet, head spinning, guitar in hand. I had never “planned” to play music full time. I was resigned and used to the regiment of a “regular” job. Happy in getting to dabble in this music thing part time for many years with some level of success. Thinking that I would probably starve if I ever tried to make a living at music. And may even end up hating the rigors of playing that much. Way too scary for me. Though it did  cross my mind periodically (like when I had a really crummy work day…) I never had the nerve to take that leap of faith. A lot of folks look with envy as they comment to me about “living the dream” and I truly am living a life that is a rare gift. Funny that after these last three years, it’s hard for me to imagine ever going back to the real working world. Yikes! Talk about scary!! Well, things always do seem to happen for a reason. You know, some crazy person said once that most of the best things in life happen with no plans at all. Hmmmm. can’t remember who said that……but man I love this job.


The Summer in Paradise Cast of Characters - Tropical Soul, Calypso Nuts, Brent Burns

A Great Wednesday Evening

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
July 20, 2010
Banana Express
Hi Everyone,
Just a quick note to remind those of you that are in the Keys to join me Wednesday evening for an acoustic evening with my special guest, Tim McAlpine, at the Sugarloaf KOA!  This is the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce’s July Business Social.  It runs from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and you are welcome to bring your swimsuits and enjoy the cool & refreshing pool.

From the Chamber’s newsletter:
This event is co-sponsored & co-hosted by All Keys Gas and Sugarloaf KOA at the Sugarloaf KOA, mile marker 20.   This  summer Social promises to be the event of the season to enjoy delicious barbeque and a refreshing dip in the pool all while listening to the fabulous Howard Livingston.  Barbeque is the menu choice and libations will be provided by our hosts. The Chamber 50/50 raffle and Business Card drawings will add to the fun and Howard Livingston will provide live music for your listening and dancing pleasure.  You are welcome to bring your swimsuits and enjoy the cool & refreshing pool.   All Keys Gas, Sugarloaf KOA and the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce encourage you to attend this Social to show your support and enjoy the opportunity to network with other Lower Keys Chamber businessmen & women.  A $10.00 per person donation helps support the Lower Keys Chamber.  For more information, call the Chamber at 305-872-2411 or send us an email at

If you are in the area please stop by and say hello!


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