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Steven Youngblood

Steven Youngblood, trop rock artist from Panama City, Fl. Steven has been playing his music and living near the water his whole life. He lives and plays on the Emerald Coast... born and raised here, it’s home ... Steven has salt in his veins and loves the salt water .. a true to life, real tropical person, Steven also loves to travel to the island’s and blend in.

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be raised and grow up along the bays and the gulf as a small child back 40 years ago ..Well that is my bio , I would not trade my childhood for nothing that was back when as a child we could make our own money sell or fish and get what we wanted , we always had money in our pocket , there was no fishing law’s but there was.. the local fishermen handled there own. If you over fished something you were explained to stop and you did.  It was so much better back then , I miss it the small Florida fishing towns , I was lucky i worked with some of the best like elmo kapo , joe knowles , jerry key , Hank Hunt , and my brother is still doing this today.   Jack mosely even work up this way on the net boats at that time ... That were my thought’s come from to write about , long trips out to sea and long trips back , up at 2-am in the morning loading the boat , working till 8pm at night .  The fish well i seen so many big fish whales turtles sharks  and strange fish and things i could write a book .  might do that one day too....   I have been blessed to be born into a fishing family that also built there boats , my father just finished his last boat a 40-ft hatress that he rebuilt and installed two 3208 desil engines in , I’ve always  helped on these projects.  That why i can build just about any thing.

WOW. There’s so much to write about but do not have the space, I travel to many a island love the little ones where time has not touch them and i made it to a few before the big cruise ship arrived.  I wrote a few songs about these island’s and got a few more that i am still working on. I guess to keep it short i say more to come ...  I love trop rock , i love writing songs about my life along the sea , I hope you enjoy them as much as i do ...

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