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Peter Trappen

'Chasing the Sky' has 6 original songs and 4 of my favorite cover songs by Van Morrison, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett and Bob Dylan. The CD was recorded and produced in my home studio from 2005-2007 (except for Into the Mystic which was live) and released in November of 2007.  The album features guest artists on several tracks as follows: Rush & Julie Clement sing harmonies (You Ain't Going Nowhere), Patrick John Dawdy on acoustic rhythm guitar & harmony vocals (Going My Way & Mother Natures Wine), Doug Gluckin on Saxophone & Flute (Talk To Me Lady, Mother Nature's Wine & Going My Way), Jerry Krause on keyboards & bass (Chasing the Sky & Talk To Me Lady), Patrick T. Malloy on lead guitar (Going My Way), Mike Willemin (drums and percussion (Chasing the Sky & Talk To Me Lady). I played lead & rhythm guitars, harmonica, bass, & XP50 sequencer keyboards (drums and percussion, strings etc.) and loops. The cover photo 'Sails' was shot by Kevin Phillips


I got my first guitar at about the age of 8. It was a beat up old acoustic guitar that was so warped the strings were about 2 inches off the fretboard. But I learned to play that thing and eventually saved up enough money to buy a cheap electric guitar from Sears. That was all I wanted to do. And I have been a professional musician now for over 30 years. I sound kinda like Jimmy Buffett meets Jim Morrison in a roadhouse in the backwoods of Michigan. My guitar style is finger-picked with a genenous dose of Eric Clapton & Mark Knopfler on one hand and the Stooges and Ramones on the other. Since 2005, I've been playing all over Michigan as a solo artist using backing tracks and loops doing Classic Rock, Blues and Buffett for clubs, deck parties, backyard BBQ's and recording original music with friends. My solo acoustic show is Trop-Rock Floribean, Classic Rock & Blues, a handful of current tunes and a bit of country. It features artists such as: Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Tom Petty, John Fogerty and many original songs as well. ...a vast array of excellent music.

Prior to 2005 we lived in West Palm Beach Florida for many moons. I traveled up and down the southeast coast of Florida playing music during some of the most wonderful times. As a founding member of the White Owls I had a chance to play with some of Palm Beach County's best musicians. During this time I also made my first trip to Europe singing folk/rock songs at Pubs and Universities. A long story short. More to come...

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