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Paul Cotton


The Ship is back in Port readying for the next voyage. With our sails full blown on the Crusin' To Cozumel Reunion, this Captain is still beaming from the excitement and joy created with true friends and incredible musicians. It was a huge honor and privilege to share the stage with the talents of Kal David, Lauri Bono, and my multi-talented band. Russ Scavelli a.k.a.Skabuddah was on fire on bass, not missing a note on all those new songs they learned. Marty Stonely brought out the true value of songs with flute, sax's, vocals. Richard Crooks - Bob Dylan's former drummer is like receiving a wrapped present ...always ready to go and so professional with each piece. Kal and I had so much fun, and received such a great response that we hope to pursue more.

We missed all of you who could not join us this past journey at sea and hope you will secure your spot on the future three cruise itineraries that have been blocked. An announcement will follow with specific dates for pre-planning and payment plan options that will be expanded. For all you land-lubbers' -- the COTTON COAST CARNIVALE will be a delight down here in the Keys with many special guests. We'll be dancing in the sand, and howling at the moon. Yes, the Captain has a full cargo load which makes me a Happy Cappy. Surrounded by beauty and multitudes of talent, I choose not to hang up my spurs, but continue to Ride The Waves (remember that title:) .

I won't be joining Poco at Wildwood , but wish everyone the best.

It was not all that shocking when Rusty told me on Feb. 27 that he would not honor the contract that I had been requesting for over 15 years, and that this was goodbye. It was a good ride, but the Ride of the Waves will continue to carry me .. and they just keep getting bigger and better!

I love you all and hope to see you soon in your Port or mine,

Cap at the helm

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