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Matt Wahl

You may have noticed that I completely tore down my web site at the beginning of the summer and I’ve been slowly adding things back in. I really miss the news section. I seldom wrote anything profound on my News page but it was nice to have a place to share thoughts, updates from the road, etc.

In June I created a new website called Fun Acoustic based on a Word Press blog. I made tons of videos of my songs and the messages behind those songs and posted each video on a blog page. Most of those blog pages have a few paragraphs about the song and what it means to me.

In building that site, I really came to enjoy the Word Press Blog. It can be easily organized and categorized and you can leave comments too! So I thought I’d add the news section back to my website using this blog!

Some “articles” will be posted here and on my Fun Acoustic Music blog but this will be the place for show info, road trip updates, CD stuff, etc.

So welcome! And thanks for being here!


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