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Mike Broward

Mike Broward is a popular musician and songwriter in the parrothead world of entertainment. His latest journey began in 1999 with the the San Diego- based group, Koko Loco as a lead guitarist and vocalist. Koko Loco produced one cd and started touring to local and national parrothead fund raisers and gigs. In 2005 the group reformed under the name of Stars on the Water, continued to tour and recorded 2 CDs, “Stars On The Water “ and “Under the Covers”. The SOTW released in 2005 contained Mikes’ song , “What Happens in Key West Never Happened” awarded by Bar as song of the year. This song has grown a life of it’s own with many releases on compilation CDs, and DVDs, and has been recorded by several different artists. It was most recently used in episodes of The MTV Reality shows, “Made” and “Rockers”. In addition to the band CDs, Mike has released his music on solo CD efforts that spotlight his song writing in the 2000 release, “Sampler”, the 2006 “My Adventure” and his 2009 release, “Parrothead Rehab”. His music is played daily on a variety of terrestrial radio, college radio and internet-based radio formats. After relocation from San Diego to Nashville, TN , Mike has pursued songwriting and a solo entertainer career, netting nominations from The Margarita M.A.F.I.A. for “Musician of the year” in 2008 and “Album of the year” in 2009. The 2009 release, “Parrothead Rehab” has struck a nerve in the Parrothead world that has resulted in a nation-wide niche-following of Mikes’ efforts. His latest release, “Margaritas And Moonshine” explores the collision of trop-rock and country music. Mike has been a member/ writer/ publisher with ASCAP since 1991 in which time he has won ASCAP popular panel awards 7 times, Mike also wrote the music to the musical play, Tenderfoot.

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