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Lightning Jack

Music has filled my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in rural Illinois near the Mississippi River listening to Elvis, Johnny Cash and 70's rock. At about age 15 I picked up a guitar and started playing rock and roll and then discovered blues and jazz. I studied locally at Blackhawk College in Moline Illinois with Edgar Crocket, an awesome jazz trumpet player. Later I moved to Hollywood, California to study with some of the top studio musicians in LA at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT). From there I traveled all over the United States playing in various blues and classic rock bands. Eventually I made my way to Florida where I finally settled on Treasure Island in 2004.

One day a friend of mine, Danto, let me play his steel drums (double seconds). In just a short time I was able to figure out "No Woman No Cry". I had always loved the sound and now after playing one I knew I had to get one. Danto hooked me up with Tommy Rey at Tropical Hammer. I ordered my first lead steel pan and waited patiently since it takes months to get them made and shipped. My heart was set on learning the steel pan so I signed up at St. Pete College to study under Joe Braccio. Playing with Joe and the whole SPC Steel Drum Orchestra was the perfect stepping stone into steel drum music. Joe not only taught me the basics but also opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that steel pan can add to my music.

For years I had been writing my own songs....just recording ideas on my acoustic guitar at home. Now with the addition of the steel drum I had finally found that perfect blend of sound that I had been looking for. It inspired me to finish writing my original songs and start working on the production of my first CD. In April, 2009 my debut album, Treasure Island Blues, was completed.

Playing and writing music is without doubt one of my favorite things in the world. I hope to continue making music for years to come.

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