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Kevin Mulvenna

I am a very lucky person.

In grade school I wanted to play trumpet in the school band. Instrument rental and lessons were expensive so mom bought me a guitar from the local catalog outlet store.

In high school a friend invited me to join him on a double-date despite the fact I hadn't been on any dates. I found a girl to join me and wound up seeing Harry Chapin for the first time. (I would end up seeing him dozens of times and he would show me songs and encourage me to write. His death in 1981 dealt a blow that will require a lifetime of healing).

After "college" (read: "An approximate decade of academic and financial struggle") I stayed in Wisconsin, continued to write and play and was told that "Folk singers never get hired for Summerfest." I wrote a couple of songs that got radio air play and reprinted in the local paper. I played Summerfest for the next couple of summers.

I met Jim Hoehn - an even better friend than he is songwriter (and he's a GREAT writer) - who introduced me to treasured Parrothead friends and continues to find us places to play. (Stories? How much time have you got?)

I found a CD that I liked and saw that it was produced by Jonathon Leubner who played along with me in his studio and then on the stages of coffeehouses all over the midwest.

I married Kelly Anne (6/03), adopted Joe (born in 11/99) and fathered Emily Anne (6/04).

I am the oldest of four, my parents are alive, healthy and take joy in ten grandchildren (twins born to brother Brian and wife Holly in March 2008!)

I continue to love my work teaching, have season tickets for the Chicago Bears and am very grateful to Tim Thompson who put this site together and writes to ask, "Written anything new lately?" Take a look through the ever-expanding galleries which tell the story better than I - a very lucky person.

- KM

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